Presentations and Authors

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Informational Models

Biosemiotics and Body Signifier Theory: a way to understand High Dilutions Abstract PDF slides
Leoni Villano Bonamin
From the informational paradigm to the paradigm of corporeal signifiers: a topical tool for the researcher on High Dilution Abstract PDF
Richard Blostin
PHARMACOLOGY AND SIMILIA PRINCIPLE: INDIRECT SECONDARY COUNTER-REGULATION – Confirmations from in vitro experiments and classical provings Abstract PDF
Andrea Maria Signorini

Oral Section I

Inflammation in rats born to mothers treated with dexamethasone 15cH during pregnancy: an immunohistochemical study Abstract PDF slides
Thayná Neves Cardoso, Leoni Villano Bonamin
Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of phytotherapic and homeopathic solutions of Euphorbia tirucalli Lineu (Aveloz) Abstract PDF slides
Juliana Patrão de Paiva, Livia Lima, Camila Monteiro Siqueira, Janine Simas Cardoso, Carla Holandino, Alvaro Leitão
Cell alterations induced by a biotherapic for influenza Abstract PDF slides
Camila Monteiro Siqueira, Beatriz Costa Guerreiro, Ana Maria Ferreira, Marta Gonçalves, Venicio Feo da Veiga, Carlos Lyrio, Christina Takyia, Morgana Castelo Branco, Patricia Zancan, Jose Nelson Couceiro, Carla Holandino
ReNPAD: a brazilian network for researchers in High Dilution Abstract PDF slides
Carlos Renato Zacharias, Ricardo Bertagna, Paulo Henrique dos Santos Domingos
Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10e-23: a bibliometric study Abstract PDF slides
P. C. Endler
Effects of 200cH medications on mice bone marrow cells and macrophages. Abstract PDF
Carolina C. de Oliveira
Designs for Research of High Dilutons in Animal Models: an Update Abstract PDF
Adrian Alecu
Clinical Verification of Homeopathy Abstract pdf slides
Michel Van Wassenhoven
Seasonal variation of the effect of extremely diluted agitated gibberellic acid (10E-30) on wheat seedling development Abstract PDF
Waltraud Scherer Pongratz, Peter Christian Endler
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Abstract PDF1 PDF2
Fabio de Almeida Bolognani

Special Lecture

Luc Montagnier Lecture Abstract PDF
Luc Montagnier (2008 Nobel Prize)