Vol 14, No 2 (2015)

Proceedings of the XXIX GIRI Symposium

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Proceedings of the XXIX GIRI meeting PDF
Saurav Arora 1-2

Conference Presentation

Informational paradigm, practice and basic research Abstract PDF
Richard Blostin 3
Intoxication of wheat seedlings with 50 mM NaCl and follow-up attempt to “cure” by extremely diluted NaCl (30cH) Abstract PDF
P.C. Endler, Pia Lamest, Elke Liebig 4-6
Reproducibility of effects of homeopathically potentised Argentum nitricum on the growth of Lemna gibba L. in a randomized and blinded bioassay Abstract PDF
Vera Majewsky 7-8
The effect of ultra high-diluted drugs on plant-nematode interaction Abstract PDF
Natalia Rodiuc 9-10
The potential of homeopathic phenomenon in plant growth Abstract PDF
Tatiana Vladimirovna Novosaduyk, Victoria Tsvetkova, Victoria Tsvetkova, Anatolii Komissarenko, Anatolii Komissarenko 11-12
In vitro studies of Psorinum 6x on several human cancer cell lines reveal its anti-cancer potential Abstract PDF
Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh 13-14
Evaluating Subtle Field Imprints in Water by Droplet Evaporation Method Abstract PDF
Igor Jerman, Petra Ratajc, Bernhard Pollner 15-16
Preliminary study on force-like effects between As45x, water, and wheat seeds performed by means of the droplet evaporation method Abstract PDF
Maria Olga Kokornaczyk, Stephan Baumgartner, Lucietta Betti 17-19
In vitro study of homeopathic medicines in macrophages co-cultured with Leishmania (L.) amazonensis Abstract PDF
Leoni Villano Bonamin, Fabiana Rodrigues de Santana, Fabiana Toshie de Camargo Konno, Luciane Costa Dalboni, Amarylis T. Cesar, Cideli de Paula Coelho, Dorly Buchi, Márcia Dalastra Laurenti, Elizabeth Cristina Perez Hurtado 20
Malaria treatment compared for homeopathic medicines and Coartem in homeopathic clinics in Kenya – A multicentre, pragmatic, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, ongoing trial Abstract PDF
Martien Brands, Mauro Saio, Suzanne van Berkel 21-22
Biological activity of interferon gamma and lipopolysaccharide on the nitric oxide production in C6 astroglioma cells and some unexpected effects of potentization Abstract PDF
Clara Bonafini, Marta Marzotto, Debora Olioso, Paolo Bellavite 23-27
Highly diluted medication reduces tissue parasitism and inflammation in mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi Abstract PDF
Carina Ribeiro Lopes, Gislaine Janaina Falkowski, Camila Fernanda Brustolin Fernanda Brustolin, Paula Fernanda Massini, Erika Cristina Ferreira, Neide Martins Moreira, Denise Lessa Aleixo, Silvana Marques de Araújo 28-30
Modulation of experimental cystitis induced by uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC) JJ079 by homeopathic and isopathic remedies Abstract PDF
Cideli de Paula Coelho, Vania Maria Carvalho, Renata de Oliveira Iovine, Luana de Ramos Soares, Luciene Costa Dalboni, Fabiana Rodrigues Santana, Leoni Villano Bonamin 31-32
Assessment of the effects of maternal deprivation in offspring treated with ultra-high diluted Zincum metallicum in rats Abstract PDF
Larissa Cristina Ares Silveira da Motta, Victoria Arrifano Moraes, Patricia Tahan, Maria Martha Bernardi, Kleber Peixoto da Cunha Junior, Leoni Villano Bonamin, Fabiana Rodrigues Santana, Cideli de Paula Coelho 33-34
Effect of Zincum metallicum and LPS treatments on femoral bone density in pregnant mice Abstract PDF
Silvio Leite Monteiro da Silva, Maristela Dutra Correa, Claudio Costa, Vanessa Gallego Arias Pecorari, Emiko Saito Arita, Maria Martha Bernardi, Carla Holandino, Leoni Villano Bonamin 35-39
Nanoscale cluster structure of O2 gas-filled nanobubbles in O2 gas-supersaturated alkaline solution Abstract PDF
Ichiro Otsuka 40
Detection of nanostructures in solutions of Zincum metallicum and the vehicle lactose Abstract PDF
Marta Marzotto, Clara Bonafini, Debora Olioso, Carla Holandino, Leoni Bonamin, Davide Prosperi, Maria Marinozzi, P Bernardi, Paolo Bellavite 41-44
A systematic review about animal models in homeopathic research: the last five years of PubMed indexed papers Abstract PDF
Leoni Villano Bonamin, Thayna Neves Cardoso, Aloisio Cunha Carvalho, Juliana G Amaral 45
Immunological research about ultra-high dilution and Homeopathy: From 1994 to 2014 Abstract PDF
Leoni Villano Bonamin 46
“Ultra-high Dilution” 1994 revisited 2014: Follow up of experiments and theories Abstract PDF
PC Endler, Jurgen Schulte, Beate Stock Schroeer 47-48
Constitutional types of horses and resources for their homeopathic correction Abstract PDF
Victoria Tsvetkova, Tatiana Vladimirovna Novosaduyk 49-50
Role of high dilutions in anesthetic recovery in dogs Abstract PDF
Djair Teixeira Santos, Veronika Wittmann, Victoria Arrifano Moraes, Debora Koffke Alves, Kleber Peixoto da Cunha Junior, Leoni Bonamin, Fabiana Rodrigues Santana, Daniele Di Marco, Cideli de Paula Coelho 51
Viscum album (L) extracts in cancer treatment: a systematic review of in vitro and in vivo studies Abstract PDF
Aloisio Cunha de Carvalho, Leoni Villano Bonamin 52
Antitumoral activity of homeopathic and anthroposophic Viscum album’s preparations: an in vitro assay Abstract PDF
Joao Vitor da Costa Batista, Michelle Nonato de Oliveira Melo, Adriana Passos Oliveira, Ezequiel Paulo Viriato, Stephan Baumgartner, Carla Holandino Quaresma 53-54
Two cases reports comparing histopathological features of canine transmissible venereal tumor after treatment with decimal potencies of Viscum Album and Vincristin Abstract PDF
Leoni Villano Bonamin, Gisela Novaes Fontao Lefebvre, Thayna Neves Cardoso, Marcus Reif 55-56
Action of methicillin on the “in vitro” growth of bacteria Staphyloccocus aureus methicillin-resistance previously treated with homeopathic dilutions Abstract PDF
Tania Aguiar Passeti, Leandro Ribeiro Bissoli, Registila Libania Beltrame e Fernando Fonsceca 57-58
Mechanisms of medicine-induced effect on organism Abstract PDF
Anatoly Alekseyevich Komissarenko 59
The possibility of using Trichinella spiralis as an experimental model in the field of high dilutions Abstract PDF
Olga Borisovna Zhdanova, Amina Aslanovna Haidarova, ludmila Alexandrovna Napisanova, Dimitri Rossohin, Olga Lozhenicina 60-61


A Compendium of Articles Published in International Journal of High Dilution Research from 2008 – 2014 Abstract PDF
Saurav Arora 62