Vol 9, No 33 (2010)

Table of Contents


We don’t need another hero! Abstract PDF
Carlos Renato Zacharias 125-127

Pharmaceutical Research

The problem of dose in homeopathy: evaluation of the effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album 30cH on rats intoxicated with arsenic. Abstract PDF
Olney Leite Fontes, Fátima Cristiane Lopes Goularte Farhat, Amarilys Toledo Cesar, Marilisa Guimarães Lara, Maria Imaculada Lima Montebelo, Gabriela Cristina Gomes Rodrigues, Marco Vinícius Chaud 128-137

Plant and Microorganism Research

Germination and vigor of lettuce seeds (Lactuca sativa L.) pelleted with homeopathic preparations Alumina and Calcarea carbonica subjected to toxic levels of aluminum. Abstract PDF
Filipe Pereira Giardini Bonfim, Rosana Gonçalves Rodrigues das Dores, Ernane Ronie Martins, Vicente Wagner Dias Casali 138-146
Effect of biotherapic of Alternaria solani on the early blight of tomato-plant and the in vitro development of the fungus Abstract PDF
Solange Monteiro de Toledo Piza Gomes Carneiro, Euclides Davidson Bueno Romano, Erika Pignoni, Marcus Zulian Teixeira, Maria Elizabeth da Costa Vasconcelos, José Carlos Gomes 147-155

Veterinary Research

Efficiency of tick biotherapic on the control of infestation by Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in Dutch dairy cows. Abstract PDF
Zilda Cristiani Gazim, Fabiana Borges Padilha Ferreira, Aristeu Vieira da Silva, Kelly Cristina Bolognese, Ewerton Merlin, Valdeci Messa, Renan Almeida de Jesus, Cesar Alberto Coutinho, Luiz Cláudio Monteiro da Silva 156-164

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