Vol 11, No 40 (2012)

Proceedings of the XXVI GIRI Symposium

Table of Contents


Homeopathy and the science of high dilutions: when to believe the unbelievable Abstract PDF
Paolo Bellavite, Lucietta Betti 107-109

Conference Presentation

Physico-chemical properties of perturbed water: facts and enigmas Abstract PDF
Vittorio Elia 110-112
Electromagnetic Information Transfer (EMIT) by Ultra High Diluted (UHD) solutions: the suggestive hypothesis of an epigenetic action. Abstract PDF
Francesco Borghini, Giovanni Dinelli, Ilaria Marotti, Grazia Trebbi, Giovanni Borghini, Lucietta Betti 113-114
Droplet evaporation patterns of wheat seed leakages differ following treatments with arsenic at ultra-high dilution level Abstract PDF
Maria Olga Kokornaczyk, Francesco Borghini, Giovanni Dinelli, Ilaria Marotti, Grazia Trebbi, Lucietta Betti 115-116
Investigating homeopathic preparations with light spectroscopy Abstract PDF
Ursula Wolf, Sabine Klein, Annegret Sandig, Stephan Baumgartner 117-117
Crystallogenesis of bioliquid in the homoeopathy Abstract PDF
Olga Borisovna Zdanova, Andrey Kimovich Martusevich, F. Artese 118-119
New stage of scientific understanding of homeopathic phenomenon Abstract PDF
Anatoly Alekseevich Komissarenko 120-121
From Kolisko to nowadays: progresses and discoveries in agro-homeopathy. Abstract PDF
Giovanni Dinelli, Ilaria Marotti, Grazia Trebbi, Lucietta Betti 122-123
Pre stimulation by gibberellic acid and the effect of extremely diluted agitated gibberellic acid on wheat stalk growth Abstract PDF
Sonja Hribar-Marko, Waltraud Scherer-Pongratz, Harald Lothaller, Peter Christina Endler 124-125
Poisson distribution and process as a well-fitting pattern for counting variables in biologic models Abstract PDF
Maurizio Brizzi, Daniele Nani, Lucietta Betti 126-127
Natrum mur 200c promotes seed germination and increases total protein, chlorophyll, rubisco and sugar in early seedlings of cowpea under salt stress Abstract PDF
Sandhimita Mondal, Nirman Chandra Sukul, Soma Sukul (nee Chunari) 128-128
Comparative study of two bioassays with weakened duckweed and yeast treated with homeopathic preparations Abstract PDF
Tim Jäger, Claudia Scherr, Meinhard Simon, Peter Heusser, Ursula Wolf, Stephan Baumgartner 129-130
Clinical research in homeopathy: asking the right questions Abstract PDF
Robert T Mathie 131-131
Project “Homeopathy for L’aquila”: Classical Homeopathy applied in the case of earthquake as a medical assistance plan Abstract PDF
Francesco Marino 132-133
High Risk Human Papillomavirus genital infections in asymptomatic population: effectiveness of Micro-Immunotherapy Abstract PDF
Sandra Mazzoli, Tommaso Cai, Francesca Meacci, Patrizia Addonisio, Pierre Dorfman 134-135
Evaluation of homeopathic and biotherapic treatments in a swine farm to control Escherichia coli infection: a long term study Abstract PDF
Cidéli de Paula Coelho, Francisco Rafael Soto, Erlete Rosalina Vuaden, Priscilla Anne Melville, Andrea Micke Moreno, Leoni Villano Bonamin, Nilson Roberti Benites 136-137
Evaluation of Calcarea carbonica derivative complex (M8) on milk parameters in the dairy cow Abstract PDF
André Brandão, Giovanna Polo, Eneida Janiscki Da Lozzo, Dorly Freitas Buchi, Carolina de Olivera, Saulo Henrique Weber, Daniel Ollhoff 138-139
Use of plant bioassays in homeopathic basic research – a systematic review Abstract PDF
Stephan Baumgartner, Lucietta Betti, Peter Heusser, Tim Jäger, Claudia Scherr, Vera Majewsky, Ursula Wolf 140-141
Experimental evidence in support of the biological effects and physical basis of homeopathic potencies Abstract PDF
Nirmal Sukul 142-143
Cellular and transcriptional responses of SH-SY5Y human neurocytes following in vitro exposure to Gelsemium sempervirens Abstract PDF
Paolo Bellavite, Marta Marzotto, Debora Olioso, Mirko Cristofoletti, Maurizio Brizzi, Paola Tononi, Ilaria Pierpaola Dal Prà, Ubaldo Armato 144-146
Search for a molecular mechanism of action of the potentized homeopathic drugs in living organisms Abstract PDF
Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh 147-147
Differentiation and modulation of phagocyte activity in murine granuloma after treatment with thymulin 5cH Abstract PDF
Leoni Bonamin, Cesar Sato, Fabiana Santana, Thayna Neves Cardoso, Cideli Paula Coelho, Lika Osugui, Ana Flavia Popi, Elisabeth Cristina Hurtado 148-148
Electromagnetic transfer information in medicine Abstract PDF
Settimio Grimaldi 149-149
Summary of four scientific studies on Arsenicum album high dilution effect against Arsenic intoxication in mice Abstract PDF
Naoual Boujedaini, Laurence Terzan, Anisur Rahman Khuda-Bukhsh 150-151
Evaluation of immune response of BALB/c to homeopathic solutions Abstract PDF
Camila Siqueira, Leoni Bonamin, Priscila Motta, Thayná Cardoso, Cideli Coelho, José Nelson Couceiro, Carla Holandino 152-153
Changes in gene expression induced by Micro-Immunotherapy Abstract PDF
Capieaux Etienne, Donat de Groote, Pierre Dorfman, Maurice Jeaner 154-155
Hormetic effect of amyloid-beta peptide in hippocampal synaptic plasticity and memory Abstract PDF
Daniela Puzzo, Agostino Palmeri 156-156
REHBaR: a Publication Guideline for Homeopathic Basic Research Abstract PDF
Stephan Baumgartner, Beate Stock-Schröer 157-158

Proceedings - Poster Section I

Pilot study of preventive homeopathic treatment for colibacillosis in a swine farm in the State of São Paulo, Brazil Abstract PDF
Cidéli de Paula Coelho, Francisco Rafael Soto, Erlete Rosalina Vuaden, Priscilla Anne Melville, Leoni Villano Bonamin, Nilson Roberti Benites 159-160
Phytopathological and nutraceutical evaluation of cauliflower plants treated with high dilutions of arsenic trioxide Abstract PDF
Grazia Trebbi, Giovanni Dinelli, Ilaria Marotti, Valeria Bregola, Maurizio Brizzi, Lucietta Betti 161-162
Chronic inflammatory response modulation against Leishmania (L.) amazonensis by homeopathic thymulin and antimonium crudum inBalb/c mice Abstract PDF
Fabiana Rodrigues Santana, Thayna Neves Cardoso, Cideli Paula Coelho, Lika Osugui, Marcia Dalastra Laurenti, Elizabeth Perez Hurtado, Leoni Villano Bonamin 163-163
Effect of two homeopathic remedies at different degrees of dilutions on the wound closure of 3T3 fibroblasts in in vitro scratch assay Abstract PDF
Katarina Hostanska, Matthias Rostock, Stephan Baumgartner, Reinhard Saller 164-165
Oral, topical, and inhalation of Calcarea carbonica derivative complex (M8) to treat inflammatory mammary carcinoma in dogs Abstract PDF
Daniella Matos da Silva, Eneida Janiscki Da Lozzo, Dorly de Freitas Buchi, Carolina de Oliveira, Simone Domit Guérios 166-167
Homeopathy in parasitic diseases Abstract PDF
Denise Lessa Aleixo, Leoni Vilano Bonamin, Silvana Marques de Araujo 168-169
Diluted benznidazole decreases side effects in animals infected by Trypanosoma cruzi and treated with benznidazole in ponderal dose Abstract PDF
Denise Lessa Aleixo, Fabiana Nabarro Ferraz, Miguel Spack, Gislaine Janaina S F Temporini, Camila Fernanda Brustolin, Rafaela Arns, Franciele Karina Veiga, Silvana Marques de Araujo 170-171
Flow cytometric analysis of the inhibition of human basophil activation by histamine high dilutions – a replication study Abstract PDF
Chantal Wälchli, Stephan Baumgartner 172-173
Effect of homeopathic treatment used in commercial boar semen diluent on sperm viability Abstract PDF
Francisco Rafael Soto, Cidéli de Paula Coelho, Erlete Rosalina Vuaden, Leoni Villano Bonamin, Sergio Azevedo, Nilson Roberti Benites, Flavia Regina Barros, Marcelo Goissis, Mayra Assunpção, José Antonio Visitin, Mariana Grocke Marques 174-176
Highly diluted compounds effects on B16-F10 melanogenesis, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and tumorigenesis. Abstract PDF
Francine Bittencourt Potrich, Helisa Wippel, Simone Martins de Oliveira, Dorly de Freitas Buchi, Carolina Camargo de Oliveira, Edvaldo da Silva Trindade 177-178
Evaluation of the economic impact of the care of childrem affected by IRR on the average expenses fo families Abstract PDF
Gianfranco Trapani, Gaetano Maria Miccichè, Angelo Lo Faro, Donato Virgilio, Maurizio Annibalini, Rocco Carbone, Massimo Saruggia, Luisella Zanino 179-179
Biochemical responses induced by Biotherapics prepared from intact influenza A (H3N2) and inactivated influenza A (H3N2) virus at 12x and 30x in MDCK cells and RAW-264-7 macrophages Abstract PDF
Camila Siqueira, Rafaela de Mendonça, Venício da Veiga, Mariah Marcondes, Juliana Grechi, Douglas Jardim-Messeder, Patricia Zancan, Antonio Galina, José Nelson Couceiro, Carla Holandino 180-181
Plant substrate as a vehicle for trituration: a pilot study Abstract PDF
Carlos Renato Zacharias, Aildo Ferreira dos Santos Júnior, Edmilson Roma de Oliveira, Rodrigo Mariani Verginelli 182-183
Hypoglycemic effect of alloxan and thymulin both diluted in wistars rats with degeneration of beta cells islets of Langerhans Abstract PDF
Ruggero Zalla Neto, Patricia Moriguchi, Aline Fernando Rodrigues Chaves, Ingrid Lauren Brites de Oliveira 184-184
The activity of enzymes can be modified by homeopathic dilutions of their effectors Abstract PDF
Elzbieta Malarczyk 185-186
The law of similars: current biases in its application Abstract PDF
Giovanna Silvestri 187-187
Standards for comparing validity of different treatment methods: the “five E framework” Abstract PDF
Giovanna Silvestri 188-189
Fixed nature and dynamic processes in Hahnemann’s thought Abstract PDF
Cloe Taddei-Ferretti 190-191
Biological effects of high-diluted substances and periodic table of elements Abstract PDF
Cloe Taddei-Ferretti 192-193
Evaluation of biological activities of highly diluted nucleotide sequences by using cellular models Abstract PDF
Etienne Capieaux, Ghada Alsaleh, Chloé Borde, Dominique Wachsmann, Vincent Maréchal, Pierre Dorfman 194-195
Reproducibility of effects of the homeopathic dilutions 14x – 30x of gibberellic acid on growth of Lemna gibba L. Abstract PDF
Vera Majewsky, Claudia Scherr, Sebastian Arlt, Peter Klocke, Stephan Baumgartner 196-197
Causticum hahnemanni, Conium maculatum and Lycopodium clavatum highly diluted medications decreases parasitemia in mice infected by Trypanosoma cruzi Abstract PDF
Gislaine Janaina Sanchez Falkow Temporini, Carina Ribeiro Lopes, Camila Fernada Brustolin, Paula Fernanda Massini, Érika Cristina Ferreira, Franciele Karina da Veiga, Denise Lessa Aleixo, Nelson Roberto Pala, Terezinha Barion, Luiz Gilson Esper, Silvana Marques de Araujo 198-199
Additional resource for diabetes diagnostics in animals and humans Abstract PDF
Vladimir Vitalyevich Drozdov 200-201
Development of a biocrystallisation assay for examining effects of homeopathic preparations using cress seedlings Abstract PDF
Stephan Baumgartner, Paul Doesburg, Scherr Claudia, Jens-Otto Andersen 202-203
Homeopathic dilutions of TNF-alfa in psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis Abstract PDF
Adrian Alecu, Dumitru Gafitanu, Mariana Alecu, Diana Popa, Ioana Cridon 204-205
Concept of classical homeopathy in veterinary medicine Abstract PDF
Tatiana Vladimirovna Novosadyuk 206-207
Nux Vomica 200 CH reduced acute hypnotic effect of alcohol in young toads Abstract PDF
Indrani Chakraborty, Arniban Sukul, Nirmal Sukul 208-208
Cellular Alterations Induced by Candida albicans RC Nosodes: an in vitro Study Abstract PDF
Fortune Homsani, Gleyce Moreno, Camila Siqueira, Juliana Grechi, André Luis Santos, Carla Holandino 209-210
Experimental induced wound cicatrisation after highly diluted products treatment Abstract PDF
Fernando Fortunato Jeronimo, Jenifer Pendiuk Gonçalves, Katia Fialho do Nascimento, Simone Martins de Oliveira, Carolina Camargo de Oliveira, Édison Luiz Prisco Farias, Dorly de Freitas Buchi 211-212
Evaluation of the effects of homeopathic medicines on the seed germination of Brassica oleracea L. var. italica Abstract PDF
Marina das Neves Gomes, Isadora Simões Barbosa, Tayná Sequeira Valério, Camila Monteiro Siqueira, Adriana Menezes Salgueiro 213-214

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